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Welcome to, the home of the best free webmaster tools online!!

We offer free webmaster tools that help increase your website's ranking on search engines. Currently we have several free webmaster tools which are useful in seo optimization.

  • Pagerank Checker - Check up to 10 different URLs for their current Google pagerank.
  • Link Popularity - Enter an URL and this tool crawls several search engines to find out not only your pagerank but also your backlink count one each of the following search engines: Google, AOL, Hotbot, Yahoo, FAST, Altavista, MSN, and AllTheWeb. This allows you to select which search engine requires more seo optimization.
  • Reverse IP / Lookup - Enter a domain name to find it's IP address, or enter and IP address and resolve its address.
  • Robots.txt File Generator - This tool helps you in generating a robots.txt file, which is useful for search engine robots to crawl and rank your website.
  • Source View - Enter an URL and instantly view its code online.

Be sure to check back often because free webmaster tools are constantly being added.


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